pre-school 2 - 5 years

Is your 5 year old lacking these skills

Recent statistics show more and more young children are top notch at using pc or game consoles iphones etc but failing in basic skills such as fastening buttons,riding a bike,swimming unaided, tiying shoes laces etc.

“One in five knew their way around smartphones or even an iPad. Two thirds knew how to turn a computer on and 73 per cent said they could work a mouse.

When it came to real-life matters, however, the picture was very different.

“Just 48 per cent knew their own home address and only a third were able to write their first and last names. Only 11 per cent could tie their shoe laces. The survey of 2,200 mothers in 11 countries by internet security company AVG found that in general British children were more ‘plugged in’ and had fewer real-life achievements than other countries”.Extract taken from the daily mail newspaper.
So what skills do you think parents should teach children and which should be left to the local authority nurseries,schools, or school taking children out for swimming lessons.

It should be the parent first and the rest from outside agencies such as nurseries etc to emphasise what children have learnt from parents at home.

For example look what happens…

  • When nursery classes are full of 30 children how can the teacher fasten 30 coats if the children don’t have these skills?
  • When  a school class needs to get dressed after P.E how can the teacher find time to dress them all.
  • A child gets lost at a holiday camp and doesnt know full name and address.
  • Mum has accident at home and child does not know how to ring for an ambulance.

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