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I punched my 3 year old child in the face

This week we have been looking at child abuse today we cover the abused child suffering from physical abuse.

When does discipline become abuse? A social worker told us once a slap or any deliberate pyhsical harm as left a mark ie bruise or similar then it can be abuse. A child that is subject to it on a regular basis can have an examination by the doctors at the hospital to determine if physical abuse is taking place.A baby or child may then be put on the at risk register  or taken into care in some instances where the family have shown to be unable to provide a safe home.

In certain instances babies have known to be subjected to horrendous torture such as gigarette burns on the body where a person as stumped out a cigarette out on the childs skin.Shaken baby syndrome where in a fit of temper someone in the care of the baby has shaken baby.The brain inside has been forced around the skull causing brain damage and in cases baby deaths have occured.


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