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have I put my baby in shoes too early?

One question mums worry about is when should you put baby shoes on your walking baby for the first time? The Answer depends on what type of shoes you want them to wear and why and what age your baby is ?

A baby that is not walking unaided should not wear hard walking type shoes.Babies walking along side the furniture should  not wear hard walking shoes.Babies are better walking without shoes and socks .Babies use their big toes to balance when taking those first few steps weather along the furniture or practising walking from one parent to another.Hard floor furnishings such as laminate floorings are very slippery so your baby with just socks on is a hazard.Some prams shoes with a soft leather / suede sole are the best option as they provide lots of room inside the shoes for the toes to stretch out and come in pleasing designs for mums wantings shoes to match their little ones outfits.(shoes like these by Ickle Tickles)

Put hard wearing first shoes on your toddler they when they are walking unaided easily and for outdoors. ie a toddler will want to push their trucks around to play so here is when you can put those first shoes on.


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