pre-school 2 - 5 years

5 cheap tips keeping bored kids happy over Easter

Need ideas for keeping bordom at bay for your young kids? heres 5 tips keeping your bored kids happy over Easter holidays….

  1. I found a great gun that blows bubbles on the local market it uses batteries and my 6 year old grandaughter and me loved it kept her amused for 3 full days use rechargeable batteries for longer lasting fun and grab a 6 pack of bubbles from a supermarket as the batteries soon use up the bubbles.
  2. Water fight, use empty bottles such as fizzy pop shampoo bottles well rinsed free of soap residue that could sting a childs eye.Its great dry them after off  for a fun filled afternoon.
  3. A box of chalk,children can create pictures on the pavement the down pour thats expected later will wash it all away ready to start again the next day.
  4. Grab a packet lof seeds from asupermarket as its cheaper than garden centres Netto is the cheapest ive found let the kids plant seeds or strawberry plants approx £1.00 each they learn responcibility as they have to water them each day but can eat the strawberries later on in the year.
  5. look on the carboot sale for small trampolines small bikes,skipping ropes etc keeps the kid fit too avoid the large trampolines that fill a garden with netting around Ive seen to many children have accidents and broken arms with these even though the netting is supposed to protect them.

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