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5 essential tips to bathing a newborn baby

Bathing a newborn baby may be easy but if it cries a lot and you don’t have it all planned baby can end up being more stressed in the process so heres 5 tips to getting just right.

  1. preperation key factor get all you need before picking baby up.Such as clean clothes,bath towel,baby toiletries,bucket for soiled clothes.
  2. add cold water first then hot so not to scald baby
  3. test water temperature with your sensitive elbow so its just right.Do fuss around then  come back to bath water later as it will be too cold by then.
  4. Use a baby bath support to give you confidence in holding a slippery newborn in the baby bath.A baby can pick up on a nervous mum. 
  5. Bath baby before giving a feed so it will feel settled rather a full tummy then bath.

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