health and safety for babies and children

I rushed my toddler to casualty with heat stroke

Mums dads lots of adults love the sun BBQ in the back garden with the family and guess what no one remembers the sunscreeen on the kids as it doesn’t seem  to  be that hot .The kids are playing happily beers passed around for the adults then after tea disaster strikes. The kids feel really ill afterwads.

Heat stroke can be fatal and is often the result of heat exhaustion.
Heat exhaustion symptoms:

Headache dizziness and nausea
Cramps in the limbs and/or abdomen
Profuse sweating with pale, clammy skin
Rapid, weak breathing and pulse.

 Heat stroke is a serious condition caused by failure of the body’s natural thermostat resulting in an inability to cool itself down by normal means.

Heatstroke  occurs as a result of exposure to very hot surroundings. The onset can be sudden, resulting in unconsciousness in a matter of minutes. Medical assistance should be sought as soon as possible.

The main signs of heat stroke are:

Headache, dizziness, confusion & restlessness
Hot, flushed, dry skin due to failure of sweating mechanism
Full, bounding pulse
Body temperature above 40C
Rapid deterioration in the level of response
When heat stroke occurs the main priority is to cool the patient down as quickly as possible but never use ice or very cold water to avoid thermal shock which could kill them.

Use SPF 50 sun creams on children wear a sunhat preferably legionaire style keep in shade, stay out of the sun during its hotest tome 11-3pm.Keep a jug of ice juice out so they children can help themselves outside whilst playing or they may forget to come in as they will be too busy playing with their friends.

A look at the harm the sun can do to you or your childs body.
UVA – which penetrate deep into the skin, triggering allergies and cause premature ageing and wrinkling.
UVB – these affect the upper layers of the skin and trigger the production of melanin which causes tanning. Too much causes burning, freckling and thickening of the skin. They can also cause skin cancers


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