pre-school 2 - 5 years

Teach your child to read in 4 weeks

I was frustrated at the thought that my own grandaughter age 6 was falling behind at school. Some children fall through the net so to speak so I thought extra help cannot do any harm so whilst she had a dose of chicken pox a couple of months ago I began to teach her how to read.If you have  a bright child eager to learn say from age 4-5 plus then that is a good time to start.You need  a roll of stickers say 3 inches by 1 inch  and staple a few pages of A 4 card together. Write on the name of your child on the front page ie Jacks words. never use all capital letters to teach your child and pronounce each letter as it would sound not “Hay” for the Letter A but pronounce it as “a”

The first week write simple objects at first from around the home such as Table,Chair,Hat, let your child watch as you write them, then let them stick it on the item ie chair with some of the sticker lifted up so it can be removed easily.Only do 3 words  so not to overpower them by providing them with too much information all at once.Do all 3 repeat the words then let them go and play. in afternoon or later go over the words again.Then let the child stick them in the words book made earlier.

next day repeat these words and see if your chld can remember where to put the stickers. As they put it on an object they are learning that each object is associated with a word.Do not give them any new words today. repeat later, mix the words around see if they can use it as a game this time to put them in the right place.Put them back in the book at the end of the day so you can remember what words they have learned.

week 2 Practise for 10 mins every day and introduce new 3 objects every 2 days.Too many too soon will confuse them.They may get mixed up with b,d,etc but don’t say no its wrong just give them the correct word after they have spoken.after 12 words or so use simple instruction words next such as “in” “on” “under” and show the child what under is,what on is etc stick the stickers on the table. in the bin etc.It will empashise the power of these important words that help to form sentences.Practise 10 mins twice a day using just the new words.

 week 3  in the word book write some of the words together but quite huge yet spaced apart  such as      cat        on        table .Tell the child when words come together they make a sentence. let your child read the words they know and use  a few combinations over next few days.Ie   hat     on    chair, bag     under      table ,soap      in    sink.  Next write the words bringing them closer together so your child sees them coming together as a sentence better.

week 4 now add words that brings a sentence together completwely such as The, is I,Me ,My. from now on add more words to your childs vocabulary of words to read to increase the number of sentences they can read, you will notice how they can look at a packet of food and read simple words from it that they have learnt well done you the hard work has started to pay off.

Only last week did I notice how my grandaughter (6) can now write the word is without anyone telling her how to spell it, its really thrilling to see them read and write too.