pre-school 2 - 5 years

Home Education,Home Schooling My kids will not suffer

Home Education or Home  Schooling as is sometimes known as could you do it?

What is all the fuss about?

  • More and more parents are turning to it?
  • You do not have to be a qualified teacher?
  • IN the UK you have the right to do it?
  • Why, do some kids suffer if you don’t do it yes they can?
  1. Home education is teaching your own children at home or otherwise.
  2. For a number of reasons more and more parents are turning to it, for example, feel they can give their child more individual learning they need other  than what the current school is providing them.The child has not been learning anything at school or other children are a bad influence.
  3. In theUK as a home educator ,As you are incontrol of your childs learning (depending on their individual learning needs)and you do not have to be a qualified teacher(rules may differ per country)but you do need to give your child a wild variety of activities.
  4. Bullying is a major factor for parents removing their child from school as the school may be unable to act in the best interest of your own child and many parents feel this is the last resort.


If you haven’t enroled your child at a school yet and want to teach at home you do not have to inform the local authority.They won’t look at thw work you then do with your child.

***If you plan to take a child out of school you need to let the school know in writing and your local education department.ITS then, they will look at the work you plan to do with your children.Plus have frequent follow meetings to make sure you are meeting your childs needs.You will need to keep all evidence of work you do ie photographs, Work Diaries,videos,written work ,text books used etc.

Cheeky Chums recommend Home education .One of the staff has had prior working experience of this valued learning opportunity for young children and feels children come on more in leaps and bounds especially with a smaller class size at home.


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