pre-school 2 - 5 years

Kids screams I dont want to pay to go to the park!

Todays top news headlines Parents outrage ,Council to act in cut backs and charge kids to play on a playarea at weekends. Can you imagine the hurt on a family with a tight budget as they walk hand in hand past the park.£2.50 to get in. Would you pay? Should you pay ? Could you pay?

I visited a local park a few weeks a go with my 6 year old grandaughter.They had just got under way stage 2 of a renovation scheme. They managed to get 2 grants one from the Big lottery and another from the heritage lottery fund.I must admitt I loved the new activites in place for the kids to play on very sensory minded even to meet the needs for a child with disabilities. I loved it never mind the kids but would I pay ummmm I think a donation would be a better option especially for grandparents on an even tighter budget with a government pension what do you think leave a comment just below.


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