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What are the chances of white baby born to black parents

Imagine a loving family been together for years .Mum is pregnant again with a 2nd baby and both parents are excited at being parents again. Dad is present at the birth, being a good birthing partner and as he holds his wifes hand baby emerges. The shock horror as baby turns out to be white.Not  Albino but a pure white baby !

Dad is shocked this baby has been fathered by someone else the look of horror on mums face as she is passed the baby to cuddle in her arms.It turns out the dad is the father and the family could have been torn into but the hospital can give no answers why baby was born white. I always thought that a black mum married to a white man and produced a child then baby would be more black in colour. If mum was white and married a black man then baby would be more white in colour. Well this is what happened in London in todays news headlines.I can can only suggest that way back in history the families decendants came from  a white family. What do you think? leave your comment just below. You can also read the full story for yourself and see the family photograph  here …


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