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I’m Sick of Being Skint with my baby

I have been listening to a few conversations lately about how mums with a family and babies are struggling being skint. Not because they spend too much in a credit crunch but due to benefits taking so long to be paid out. Not Income support or Job seekers but Uk version of help with Child Tax Credits and Working Tax credit.You have to reapply each year for child tax credit. What do they think you are going to do leave the country and not take your child with you or say im think ill not have a child today. With parents struggling to fill forms in they sometimes forget they have to be renewed and mums only realize when they take a trip to the bank or go shopping to find no money has been paid in as they go to pay at the checkout. Then there is the back logs, then lost forms.Then the hassle to get them sent out again. Then there is endless phone calls chasing a claim up what a mess.Only this week someone said it could now take 8 weeks to get it sorted.Ive realized its not just mums that are skint but a young man age 25 didnt realise he could claim working tax credit on top of his wage. You have to find things out for yourselves you do not get told whats  available too you.

 I remember only a few years ago my mother inlaw aged 89 should have been claiming Pension credit and we never knew she could and she ended up getting a 3 year back dated payment How bad is that not to tell you whats available. So if in doubt check it out you could be better off in the long run.


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