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Getting Pregnant cementing our relationship

I had a discussion tonight with someone whose family member has 8 weeks to go until they have their 4th baby. Dad to  be got panic struck as he realized “a baby is coming, yes its going to be here and found it hard to get his head around it” just seeing the baby stuff collected in a spare room.

Some adults think that they can cement a relationship by having a baby even more children just to keep a partner or in the case of a rocky relationship.The reality is this is the wrong motif to keep a relationship going just for the sake of the children as heard by some many people in a similar position.

What about the child years down the line that hears oh we didn’t really want another one it just happened.Or children born into in a rocky relationship that hear many arguments between their parents. it isn’t a good atmosphere to raise a family in is it. So if your partner has left you a few times and you keep getting back together look at it from the kids point of view, they need stability and will grow up thinking this is what normality is that parents do not ever stay together in the long-term. Oh yes relationships are never 100% safe but its a good idea to examine why the relationship is rocky and if the problem can be resolved.

 pleading with someone to stay will not solve the issues to hand the root has to be removed or it will just rear its ugly head again some time later and you will be back to square one. If its money problems look at finances see a debt adviser at the citizens advice beaurau, if its alcohol related then its more serious and the one drinking has to realise it has to stop or it will just get worse and so on. Please think if the children before deciding another baby is the answer to cementing a relationship that’s rocky!


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