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Posh n Becks baby by C Section planned

Todays news headlines tells us that Victoria Beckhams baby girl that she is expecting will be via C section in Early July she was due on the 4th at the Portland hospital in uk but now it will be in the USA instead. No details have emerged if its because she is “too posh to Push” why a C section has been planned or if its due to a Small pelvis with her slim figure or some other reason but we hsall be following the birth and will post any news as soon as its becomes available. Top celebrities that are pregnant are followed b y thousands or people eager to get the latest news updates.The last celebrity we featured was Mariah Carey.We shall be doing a follow up shortly on how the proud parents are coping now that the twins are finally home from hospital. Stay tuned for regular updates here at Cheeky Chums.Plus watch a short video clip by Cheeky Chums just below on C sections.


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