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11 baby firsts to look out for

Pregnant mum to be gets her bag ready for the birth. Someone may have purchased a baby book to record those baby firsts that will make you smile and leave a lasting impression  of Joy.You won’t be able to contain your self telling family and friends about it. Here are our top 11 baby firsts to look out for and to make a note of in the record baby memory book.

  1. First cry at Birth note date and time.
  2. First cuddles who was present at the Birth in this wonderful experience.
  3. First proper smiles not a smile due to trapped wind (at approx 5-6 weeks of agb).
  4. first coo ahh verbal communications sounds.
  5. First giggle
  6. First taste of solid foods
  7. First taste of sour fouds such as apple pears watch baby’s face have camera to hand if possible.
  8. First tooth appearing.
  9. When baby can sit up unaided.
  10. baby becomes mobile crawling shuffling etc.
  11. Baby can take 6 steps unaided.

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