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family kids holiday to spain in Benidorm is it good?


  • Would you take a the  kids to spain in Benidorm for a family holiday ? umm good question here is what we thought of it so read through these short notes  or leave a comment your self below if you have also taken the kids to Benidorm .Let others know which place is a good place to stay in spain / Benidorm.
    1. We found if you are a boozer, and like drinking alchohol then you wouldn’t go wrong for places to drink and see artists perform. A packed place in the flat areas close to the 2 ambassader hotels.Choose any of these hotels to be close to the beach and suitable enough for walking with disabled visitors.

2. You cant go wrong for seeing for free artists singers, comedians and such like in this part of benidorm.Performing every night until the early hours of the morning.Not always a good idea if you like pea ce and quiet and want a good nights sleep. many holiday makers are out very late and come home drunk and noisy.

3. If you love karaoke there are lots and lots of places in this part again of benidorm to sing to your hearts content.They are on in the afternoon in some pubs and even early evening. I found a warm welcome in all of these pubs the people were friendly so you wouldnt need to feel nervous performing.

4.Shops galore although, unless you found a local residents shop most are foreign owners selling the same stuff. If you look around though you may get a euro off on some stalls. it resembles blackpool for the shop layouts,attractions for the kids such as balls, swimming aids bucketrs and spades,t shirts printed on lots of cheap watches, etc.

5.beach lovely. crisp clean no broken bottles, you have to pay to hire sunloungers and in some parts it is overcrowded. the sea is warm and thats in september.I saw little fishes even come up to were you just walk in and paddle.

6.Down side mosqitos.they bite dont wear perfume it attracts them. you dont see them,they itch and itch a day later then you know you have been bit.cover up and use a plug in repellant in your room early evning.these arnt the ones that cause malaria but the sores are still on my arms a week later and they still itch.

7. Dink bottled water during the day to keep rehydrated dont just drink larger or you could end up in bed for a few days and miss the holiday.i would say avoid ice too.

8. Athough it was lovely, it was too commercialized for my liking,too many hotels popping up its such a shame to see such a wonderful place overcrowded many police cars and stories i could tell you about robberies, touts, pickpockets.Lcal people have to live there so it would be a shame to spoil it for them.

9. As  for children apart from the hotel where we stayed I didnt see many, mainly adults.The childrens entertainer attached to the hotel kept kids amused with activities day and night.


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