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Breastfeeding baby i’ll stop when I want to!

Breastfeeding baby i’ll stop when I want to!

when should you concider stopping breastfeeding your child age 1, 2  or 5 or 6 years old. Well think of it from the other children’ point of view in the family here’s food for thought!

I’m getting fed up now as I sit and watch my mummy, as she breastfeeds  little Tommy oh Hurry mum, please hurry ? My ballet lesson starts at 4.30 and Tommy still is hungry. she has to wash the plates up yet and go the bank for money.

He screams and kicks to get his own way so my ballet lesson will get missed for yet another day.Oh why, Oh why does he play up so I feel left out I think ill just have top go.When oh when will the breastfeeding stop, a trip to the loo of a stop at the shops?

My brother Tommy I love him so but I get really jealous yet he is only four.My daddy gets annoyed mummy’s no time for him so he spends most nights out at work or the Gym.


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