Premature Baby news

medicines at home danger alert for young children

In todays news headlines 18 children where admitted to hospital through medicine overdose. The overdose was due to paracetamol and in most cases the simplest medicines that you have around the home.

Ensure potentially harmful substances, such as tablets, detergents, cleaning products and even items like nail varnish remover are kept safely out of reach of young children. Fit carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with gas appliances or open fires, or by educating children, from a young age, about the dangers of alcohol.

I say this as I want to tell you something alarming that happened to me as a child I don’t know how I survived thinking back My mum never knew it but I used to go and swig buttercup syrup cough medicine and swallow cooling powders just because I liked the taste on many many occassions.I just opened the cupboard and helped my self  I think I was under 10 year old. So when possible keep them out of a childs reach or use a lockable medicine cabinnet.


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