pre-school 2 - 5 years · teenage pregnancy/mums

My child is a real angel never gets in to any trouble NOT!

So you think your children will grow up to be a real “little Angel Good as Gold”. Well forget it at some point you will be so shocked to think every child is capable of being a real horror. lets look at the 10 things kids get up to that mums worry about.Does it get easier as they get older well take a look at these to see if you too can identify with any of them. what  gave your own parents a cause for concern when you too was a child growing up leave a comment below?

  • Crayoning on the newly decorated walls.
  • Biting other children at nursery.
  • Running across a road.
  • First day starting school and hitting other children.
  • Going to the local shop for the first time on their own and spending the money on something else.
  • Coming home from playing out filthy.
  • swearing as a veryyoung child.
  • smoking at school.
  • getting expelled from school.
  • Being brought home by the police for stealing.
  • truanting from classes.
  • Getting pregnant as a teen.

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