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umm what to buy a 1 year old birthday gift answer

Ideas for a 1 year old birthday gift.
When a child is one the parent’s are over the moon they may have a party but at 1 year old the little one may be bewildered.It doesn’t understand to blow out candles upon request etc so buying a gift they will appreciate at this tender age of 1 can get a little difficult.
Lets have a look at what a 1 year old will be doing in terms of developmental milestones. This will give you a better idea what to buy thats more age appropriate.

  • Sits unaided can play with toys sitting up so toys that baby can explore problem solve such as shape sorters.Toys that crinkle make sounds can explore soft textures,discover,large wooden bricks.
  • baby will be standing to feet or taking first steps push along toys, clatter  phone,pullalong catterpillar.
  • sturdy dolls pram little tikes type. baby will love to carry cuddly toys and dollies by the limbs.
  • EnJoys  picture books to encourage language,talking and communication.(avoid cartoon type pictures as they don’t represent tru life) a dog, lion, everyday objects such as spoon, cup, car.
  • music songs,nursery rhymes,cds with story books.
  • sturdy wooden toys train sets,kitchen and role play items.
  • squeaky shoes excellent buy you know where your toddler is in asupermarket they sqeak with every step.Your child will love them and won’t want to take them off their feet.

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