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Birthday party ideas for a 1 year old

need birthday party ideas for a1 year old then you have come to the right place. today we look at really good ideas that are age appropriate for a 1 year old.

As children get older they learn what birthday parties are all about such as opening presents, blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Keeping a 1 year old entertained for 3 hours as in the average kids birthday party is quite hard due to the concentration span they have at this age. the party ends up being focused on the other children which doesn tseem quite fair does it.

So lets make the first one really special for your little one that’s going to be  age one.

  • 1 hour max teddy bear picnic lay out on grass on a sunny day with paper plates for less mess everyone brings ateddy bear to sit around the table cloth birthday cake too dont forget.
  • Order a puppet show no scary characters as some 1 year olds get scared easily make sure they can fit into a living room and small children can sit down with space to watch, invite immediate family.
  • painting party, invite a couple of young children put baby in a swimming costume and nappy of cource. Sit on tiled floor ie kitchen tape a roll of wall paper upside sown use non toxic hand paints and take plenty of photographs for the album.the kids will love it.

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