baby news ages 0 - 1 year

would you get your 1 year old baby’s ears pierced ?

Dilema ? Dear Cheeky Chums shall I get my  baby daughters ears pierced for her 1st birthday?

We offer you this advice on ear piercing a 1 year old from Cheeky Chums….

  • For health and safety reasons small parts especially we do not recommend having a baby of 1 year old’s ears peirced.
  • We have seen and heard of infections occuring at the sight of the holes making it painful and the child gets so upset not letting anyone touch them.
  • Babies and children can get earings stuck and embeded so they have to have them removed by the hospital.This causes more upset and can cause a fear of hospitals.Scars can occur too at the back of the ear after finally getting them removed.
  • we hope this answers your question from our point of view.

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