health and safety for babies and children

STRANGER DANGER parent alert in Essex UK kids danger

parents on Facebook are very worried today about the safety of their children here is the report from MS. L from Essex asking parents to be on the look at as kids could be in danger from a prowler acting rather odly around children. Here is what happened.

 Just to let everyone local to me know that there is a strange man walking around and he is hanging around schools and playgrounds… he was in the park by my house yesterday and was walking around the park staring at the children, he was in the same park yesterday and today drinking beer and he was seen today approaching two school girls!!! This is no hoax, alot of the mums are talking about it and a few of us saw him yesterday… the Police were called yesterday but guess what… he left before they got there because they took like 45 mins to arrive!!! No real surprise thereit happened in Maldon, Essex, right near my house… I would of gotten a front picture but the police said not to in case he got spooked and buggered off, as it happened he went before they got there anyways, they took like 45 mins, I could have ordered a pizza and had it delivered… TWICE in the time it took them to arrive…! How pathetic is that? They would rather fine a bloke for not wearing a seatbelt than look for a nonce! It’s all about the money.


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