pre-school 2 - 5 years · Pregnancy Related

explain sex 5 year old asks me awrkard questions




How do you answer appropriately when your 5 year old asks questions about sex?

here are the top 5 answers parents usually say

  • ask your dad?
  • ask your mum?
  • you came from the stork.
  • you was adopted.
  • parent usually changes the subject.

So how should you answer a childs awrkard questions sex related?

 heres how …

  • it depends on the question?
  • Give an age appropriate answer at a level your child understands without giving too much information.

Heres some examples of typical questions this age may raise.

  • “Mummy whats them 2 things dangling between my legs? “

Its what makes you a boy sweetheart. (Simple and direct without telling the child what they do).

  • “Daddy why has mummy got big boobs?”

people are made of all different sizes son , some are tall and slender some mummies have a big chest some don’t.(notice how you dont have to explain at this point… the function of breasts listen to what your child is asking and reply appropriately).

  • “Nanny how does mummy’s new baby get out of her tummy?”

its a special part near her bum bit that when the time is right baby pushes its way out. If it gets too tired mummy may need an operation so the doctors take it from the tummy part instead.( You dont want to give a child reason for worry by saying if it gets stuck and wont come out then they have to cut her to take it out. If you said this the child would have nightmares or be really upset so again think before you speak when answering these type of questions).





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