Pregnancy Related

pregnant pregnancy growing baby in womb did you know this?

Bet you didnt know this ? we capture 6  interesting facts about your growing baby in pregnancy that you may never have heard of before.Whilst pregnant lots of development is going on inside your womb.The following news Will make your squeal with delight. You will want you to eagerly follow your babys progress in the womb every week from now. So lets start…

  • At 6 weeks babys upper lip is forming ,tongue developing.
  • before the 57th day developing baby is known as a growing embryo now baby is refered to as a fetus until the day of delivery.
  • yawning as been noticed at 9 weeks gestation
  • Tastebuds developing at 11-13 weeks
  • hair grows on the eyebrows at 12 weeks
  • your baby girl is born will all her eggs in her ovaries for when she has children herself.

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