health and safety for babies and children

CCTV in childcare day nurseries parents watch online

In tonights Granada reports ( TV news programme)  a Northwest Uk day nursery has a new system in place starting on Monday.Its  to give parents added peace of mind as their children are being looked after, in this particular Private Day Nursery.

The Nursery based in Clitheroe Lancashire will provide online access of CCTV cameras. Parents can watch what their own children are up to at nursery during the day. They focus in on playrooms and staff interaction with children playing .The nursery has made sure it easy, safe and secure from prying eyes and parents have to have  special passwords in order to gain access to the online viewing of these CCTV cameras.Granada reports wanted viewers to comment on what they think about them being put in place.

This is our professional opinion on the matter.

Having worked in day nurseries with and without CCTV cameras They are a good idea.However parents seeing the footage may have an issue !. 

Children often pick fights, snatch toys from other children,push children over trying to get on a bike or even bite one another on odd accassions. We worry as parents watching their child being bullied by another child may force the parent to take action wanting the other child banned from nursery.When another child at nursery bullies another child, so the child in the wrong isn’t segregated as a “BAD CHILD”  the name isn’t disclosed to parents unless a regular occurance happens.By watching the footage on CCTV We feel the privacy of the other child/children isn’t protected.The last thing one parent needs is to be confronted outside of nursery by an angry parent, whos child was on the recieving end causing an argument in front of others.What do you think? tell us your views we may pass the information over to the nursery direct.


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