health and safety for babies and children

DANGER ALERT! kids and you are at risk uk families

A couple of urgent danger warnings have been brought to our notice we feel you need to know now.

  • Todays news headlines Families who bought certain models of a  fridge freezer appliances by BEKO are causing fires models between 2000-2006 – don’t put you or you children at risk Beko has set up a customer hotline: 0800 009 4837  full news article via the Sun here 
  • How safe are your kids ? do you leave them to play in the garden whilst you nip to the loo This week a family in Blackpool caught a man trying to snatch their toddler from their very back garden.She was playing in the garden of her home in Blackpool when a man scaled a 6ft wall, grabbed the toddler and dragged her into an alleyway.MUM grabbed her as the man fled.3 hours later a man tried to take a 4 year old from her bedroom he was later questioned by police about the 2 incidents.

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