health and safety for babies and children

I stopped grandaughter age 6 poisonous plants in their garden

I stopped my 6-year-old grand-daughter just in time.Some plants sneaking out through the side of her fence, great food for birds but not for children she squeezed the berries  I made her wash her hands before she dare to eat them and carefully explained about poisonous plants.. today we look at safety for babies and children in the garden. 

 5 simple questions to give to a childs eye view of what looks good to play with may not be a safe as it seems read on to learn more.

1. Do you have Common garden plants that are poisonous?

Elderberry – children  use the  stems of the elderberry as blowguns. Any part of the plant can cause a nasty tummy upset.

Foxgloves –  They cause irregular heartbeats, and digestive upset. Foxgloves have also proved fatal.

Hyacinth –  hyacinth bulb, but watch them closely, just like the Daffodil can prove fatal, if eaten

More plants that are hazardous can be found here

2. Do you have a habit or leaving garden tools around the garden?

 garden rakes can snap in the face if trodden on lying on its side lock on a shed.

3.Speaking of sheds do you keep them locked when the children are playing whilst you are going to and fro working in the garden? 

do not leave harmful chemicals or weed killers around where children can get easy access.Never be tempted to keep turps etc in pop bottles instead of its original container.

4.Can you be bothered to fix a fence or do you have a tendency to leave it for ages.

 small toddlers can easily push through and escape onto a busy road because it didn’t get fixed.

5.Do you Keep your garden tidy and remove rubble or is there a large stash you have been meaning to shift which doesn’t seem to get done.

make time, accidents can happen a trip, a fall,nails in the hand,splinters of wood, broken glass hidden under the accident waiting to happen do it on a sunny day to get you in the mood.


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