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Mums dilema where to get the tinest preemie baby wear

A Mums outcry for individuality for her preemie baby… she gets her brother to put a message out on the baby forums.

Babies are born at 40 weeks gestation give or take a week or 2 or premature if a problem arrises in mums pregnancy.When a Mum gives birth to a premature baby the newborn clothes she has packed in her bag will most often be way to huge to fit.
Hunt online or browse through the rails in the high street for premature (preemie) baby clothes.You’ll find most uk shops that stock lines for tiny babies carry the same few brands made by the same manufacturers.
It will seem like panic stations for a while as you decide if you want baby to wear handouts from the hospital or buy new clothes in tiny preemie sizes.
You give instructions to family members to rush out and grab the smallest premature baby clothes and what do you discover ?
 You start to open each gift.You manage a smile, but you are deeply dissapointed!
You have just received the exact same clothes in another package.You open another and you say “Oh thanks, they are really  lovely” so not to offend. You really will have to get your partner to exchange them, as again the same items arrive.The worst case is the baby in the next cot is wearing identical premature baby clothes.
So what do you do now your baby has no clothes that reflect his/her precious individuality?
Cheeky Chums have the answer to your tiny baby’s clothing problems.Its an online superstore dedicated in providing just preemie baby clothes. small enough preemie baby that are not overwhelming in prem sizes.vast choices in every size possible from 1lb plus in on a link at the top of this page to see what you can spoil baby rotten with….
p.s here is what delightful lines are due in end of this week
  • new sizes from 0-1/2 pound
  • new sizes 1/2 -1lb
  • more 1-2lb preemie baby sleepers
  • more socks 3-6lb
  • more premature baby sleepsuits 3-5lb
  • more premature baby sleepsuits 5-8lb
  • next week onwards more Nanny Nicu sets and brightly coloured preemie onesies/vests/bodysuits all sizes.

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