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single pregnant mum with 2 kids i’m gonna hurt them yet!

This week a news article quote on the July 19, 2011 stated –” Children born to mothers who are highly stressed during pregnancy exhibit genetic changes that may make them more vulnerable to stress themselves, new research finds”.

These past 3 years I have seen more mums experience this on numerous times and can’t help but feel concerned for the sake of the children.

i have also noted how childs behaviour changes and its so sad and bleak even for their future.

 Do you think there is any thing that can be done to heal to wounds ?

what advice would you give to  them to give them a good start amidst the pressure of family life under stress?

I think there are some health issues a mum to be can do to minimise stress. You may think how would I know but in the past i too had the unpleasantness of stress bringing up 3 children alone.

here are some good healthy lifestyle tips

  • Quit Smoking especially in pregnancy.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • cut down on the caffeine.
  • Have a daily walk.No cheating by going in the car or a bus ride just to go out.
  • Don’t go shopping with the kids if you really have no money they will nag you into putting pressure on you at a worst time possible.
  • Get the kids enrolled in some activities that will keep them out of mischief ie swimming ,library, drama classes, after school activities.If they are constantly under your feet they get bored then they play up to get you to notice them.
  • Lead by example if you scream at the kids then they see that  as normal behaviour and will copy of you.
  • If you are kindhearted and don’t lose your temper at them then that is a valuable skill they will later put into practise with their own children.

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