Premature Baby news

premature babies A-Z Nicu to home

If  your premature baby is in the NICU it has its ups and downs as a baby’s condition can change at any time. You may want to scream and shout at relatives as they say you’ll be Ok but sometimes its not that simple. So here are some feelings and emotions to let the world know of what  you could  experience whilst staying by babys cot bedside,  until baby is able to come home. here in an A -Z format

  • Anxious waiting for upto date news of baby’s condition
  •  Brave as you face a meeting with consultants
  • Crying seeing baby helpless in an incubator
  • Despair will baby pull through
  • Empty cannot wait to be a full time mum holding baby at home
  • Fearful of the long term effects of prematurity
  • Grateful for any good news on baby’s condition
  • Happy as baby takes a first full bottle or breastfeed
  • Isolated from the rest of the kids/family back at home
  • Joyful as baby gets over an infection 
  • Kissing baby for the first time during Kangaroo care
  • Loving the skin to skin contact the nurse lets you have with baby
  • Missing baby as you are discharged from hospital yet baby has to stay while longer
  • ok today no tears
  • pleased as the doctors say no more CPAP
  • Restless sitting by the phone as you nip home for a change of clothes
  • sad seeing baby so defenceless in an incubator
  • Tired
  • Unhappy yet more tests today
  • Very grateful to the hardworking NICU nurses
  • when can my baby come home feeling miserable
  • xrays yet again
  • yes baby can go home tomorrow
  • zzzzz contented baby asleep on my shoulder

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