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parenting problems my toddler gets on my nerves

parenting problems my toddler gets on my nerves!

this week we are featuring bad parenting issues, today looks at toddlers and how do you know if you are getting it wrong.

  • my mum says im spoiling my 13 month old as she sleeps on the couch with me when its bedtime and I have to take her upstairs when she is fast asleep as she keeps crying if i don’t any advice?
  • yes your baby needs her own bed and it may be rough for a couple of days to settle her as she will want to come back down but persist give relaxing bath then drink and or supper then bedtime story leave the room and say goodnight if she crys ignore she will be safe in her cot.As She crys its her way of letting you know “shes the boss” so to speak which when a mum is tired is usuallly the best time to wind mummy up! obviously if she is sick then its different so try this routine when she gets better.
  • My 22 month old son keeps biting the children I think we should bite him back is this ok?
  • No never it only encourages children by promoting it “oh if daddy does it then so can I ” Adults need to watch out for times when biting is just about to occur and distract immediately with a favourite toy or similar favourite item.Children bite due to frustration and trying to get what they want, they have no concept of sharing in this age group.
  • Our Jessica is 2 and screams and paddys on the floor when shopping  to get what she wants I give in and end up taking her home its much easier to shop when daddy gets home so he can watch her Im fed up what can I do?
  • When a 2 year old gets frustrated this is when tantrums can occur.Hhave you noticed a particular pattern ie she wants the sit and  ride machine at the entrance or tries to grab a drink of the supermarket shelve? Come prepared sit her in the trolley but have a fresh drink in her tippy cup, when bored pass her a new book (just for trips out )or a new favourite toy that can keep her amused .

tomorrow 3 year olds rule our house


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