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Top 5 tips Toddlers Terrified of Terrible Thunder storms

Top 5 tips Toddlers Terrified of Terrible Thunder storms

As a child what do you remember about being in a terrible thunder storm? Did you scream and cry? Did you hide under the bedcovers. Did your parents tell you to stop being a big baby?

Well In case you don’t know how to tell your own toddlers lets look at the top 5 tips for telling toddlers and young children about thunder storms.

  1. If you ares till terrified then your child can pick up on it too give them a rainy day activity and go into the next room keeping your self busy with tidying up hoovering etc to take your own mind away from it.
  2. Keep safe and watch through the window and enjoy counting after a loud thunder how many miles away the storm is count one one thousand 2 one thousand3 one thousand and so how to tell you how far away it is.5 one thousand would mean 5 miles away 10 ten miles away etc.
  3. So a child doesn’t get frightened of going out in the rain let them splash in puddles with an umberella, wellingtons and a raincoat when there isn’t a thunder storm accompanying it.
  4. If you are all caught out in it don’t hide under trees find shelter such as a near by building, shop or get to the car and close the windows not a convertable.
  5. Avoid hill tops during storms and don’t take the young children fishing

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