Premature Baby news

why oh why can’t I cuddle my premature baby

when a mum gives birth on a maternity unit the baby is passed over to mum or dad for the first cuddles. When a baby is born extreemely premature mum may only get a quick glance before the premature baby is whisked off to the specialist units known as NICU HDU OR SCBU.Depending on a premature baby’s individual needs will determine the first real cuddle that mum or dad will get.

Sometimes hours days or weeks my pass making it extreemely difficult for mum to bond with baby and get the first real maternal hug.For many parents its a case of making the best of the moments at the side of the Nicu cot or incubator until baby is able to have a safe first cuddle outside of the incubator.A premature Baby will have wires monitor leads attached but at some point mum will eventually  will be able to have a cuddle or kanagroo care.

its the most beautiful aspect of a first real maternal cuddle which baby and mum will enjoy immensely. In poor countries where the facilities of incubators are in short supply resulted in more babies being left with mums in a kanagaroo care position compared to 2 or 3 sharing an incubator.

A look at how kangaroo care has a good impact for mum and baby….

Babies stay warm, their own teperature controlled  that occurs when mother and infant are in close physical contact. Mums breasts, heat up or cool down depending on what the baby needs. The upright position helps prevent reflux and apnea. Feeling the mother’s breathing and heartbeat helps  to stabilize baby’s heart and respiratory rates.Baby sleeps more.Plus Babies feed earlier and gain more weight.

The physical closeness encourages emotional closeness, which leads to lower rates of abandonment of premature babies.

check with your local maternity unit to see what their policy is on kangaroo care.Plus for baby shop that has a plentiful supply in premature baby clothes click on a link at the top of this page.


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