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15 common reasons why babies Cry baby stop crying

Babies cry to communicate their individual needs.

Here is a lo0k at the top 15 some you know some you may think  “Oh I never thought of that “.

  1. At birth to expell the fluid from the lungs as baby inhales the fresh air for the first time.
  2. Hunger as baby takes Milk as a first food.
  3. Nappy needs changing as baby feels uncomfortable
  4. Tired needs a quite environment to settle off to sleep easily.
  5. Over tired if baby is in an over stimulated environment it makes it harder for baby to settle again.
  6. Wind putting baby down unwinded can make baby feel unsettled more.
  7. Colic baby draws knees up in to chest suffering from bad wind also popular in babies around 3 months known as 3 month colic.
  8. Around 5 months baby cries more as milk alone in no longer substantial. Weaning onto solids will make baby feel fuller try an evening feed to start .
  9. Immunizations at first initial jab then baby may cry as the immunization takes effect in the body (in a few days).Doctor may subscribe calpol to ease pain.
  10. Teething, excess dribble rosy ceeks irritable too,mouthing present .
  11. Pain,discomfort some cause that isnt visible to the eye.
  12. Illness, wimpering crying temperature,sunken fontanel,Listless floppy baby, seek medical dvice urgently.
  13. Sibling rivalry when you are not looking toddlers especially a pinch or slap to baby due to jelousy.
  14. Croup common virus effecting babys breathing,loud rasping sound accompanied sometimes with a runny nose,sore throat,temperature 
  15.  Infection such as hear,urine,nappies may be dry or smell strong adrip to doctors may be necessary if you suspect an infection.

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