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Early Baby In the NICU I’m affraid to ask!

Dear Cheeky Chums My wife had our son this morning and they whisked him off to the NICU. The neonatal Nicu nurses are oh so busy should we ask whats going on or leave them to it?

Answer: Knowledge is the key for parents when a baby is looked after in the NICU,HDU or SCBU wards of the maternity unit.Nurses are busy but not too busy that they cant answer your most worrying questions. Each minute counts in the early stages as babys condition can get better or may need extra assistance as he gets settled in the Nicu incubator.

The more you know about your babys condition and his needs the more you can support the staff in caring for him until he is ready for home.

Your baby will overcome hurdles and may also have set backs specialists will also be able to fill you in, they will discuss the details in private with you and your wife as new medicines may be introduced as well as new tests performed etc.



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