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Don’t tell me what to do My 12month old loves TV

Can babies under 2 year old watching tv cause them any harm?

American doctors published a report on the effects of babies watching tv here is the findings click on the link to read more 

What we have found is busy parents do leave the tv on whilst doing house work etc it does keep them amused but are there other ways a mum can get jobs done without leaving baby to watch tv all day here are our top 3 alternatives.

  • For clingy babies that don’t want to be away from mums side whilst in  a kitchen (when hot cookers are not swtiched on) baby can stack plastic cups whilst sitting on the floor.
  • In the living room have a large cardboard box that baby can climb in and out off to hide and seek turn it on its side baby will love it.
  • For mums trying to clean a bathroom and to avoid leaving baby downstairs alone stick a towel in the bath (with no water in) if baby can sit unaided sit baby on it and let baby play with plastic tubs lufas,sponges anything with no sharp edges to explore textures.




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