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ASDA the great big British rip off! for mum n dads in credit crunch

ASDA the great big British rip off! for mum n dads in credit crunch

what a hassle at Asda with the new voucher for 5.00 off when you spend 40.00.

With Mums n dads struggling with the credit crunch you would think having 5.00 off your shopping would be a great way to save, well its not. We are spreading the word so you too don’t fall into the trap in trying to save money at ASDA  when money is tight this scam is a rip off and a time wasting excersise for busy is how it works. You spend 40.00 at ASDA shopping for your kiddies nappies groceries,Toys for the festive season coming up.The next day you tap inonline to give your till receipt details and check price saver. you print off a voucher if you spent 40.00 you next go shopping you hand over the reciept as you have already spent 40.00 (havent you to get the voucher). Then to your horror imagine your embarrissment at the checkout when you are told you have to spend another 40.00 to use the voucher . So in effect you have to spend 80.00 to get 5.00 off your 2nd  shopping trip then the next week you can still go online and the process starts again to get yet another voucher.There are set time limits to spend each voucher so if you are just passing and dont intend to spend 40.00 you miss out as you cannot print it off at checkout you have to do it online. so if you have no pc you loose out and also by typing in your till receipt details ASDA know your private shopping habits buying  like Tesco do.


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