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Babies in Day Nurseries winter bug scares

A parents comment this week prompted todays blog discussion.

When babies are in day nurseries should they be sent home with a mild cold?

When parents so need childcare a mild cold can have  a knock on effect of finding alternative childcare arrangements. Although some infectious diseases start with a cold, the nursery also has to take into concideration to see if other symptoms are present.

Its good for a child to build up a stronger  immunity whilst mixing with other children at nursery. Although some infectious diseases can start with a cold such as chicken pox.In general a nursery will monitor babies behaviour and look for other symptoms such as a high temperature,Vomiting ,check  nappies and if 2 or more nappies are loose during the day then its the policy to send a child home.Some nurseries allow parents to sign a concent form allowing them to give Calpol in emergencies.

In some cases a baby will need to be sent home.

by law certain infectious diseases have to be reported to environmental health RIDDOR including…Chickenpox.Cholera.Diphtheria.Dysentery,Food poisoning.Legionellosis.Measles.Meningitis.Meningococcal septicaemia (without meningitis).Mumps, Rubella.Scarlet fever.Tetanus.Tuberculosis.

Plus many others so you see not all nurseries want to send your child home so they can go home early, it could have repercussions on the other children pregnant staff or an other parent too.



Viral hepatitis.


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