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My 2 year old baby gets on my nerves

At birth the bonding process happens mums can get baby blues and post natal depression which can effect the ability to bond with a child, but also other factors can play a part too. premature babies in incubators with older siblings at home, mum may be torn to spend time at hospital and time with the children making the premature baby more vunerable as mum cannot be the full time mum she needs too whist baby is in the incubator.What about when a child gets to the age two known as the terrible twos you may think he or she may get on your nerves as there will be more danger signs to be aware of.

When a baby is snuggly asleep as a newborn in a crib not needing much supervison in terms of being mobile crawling or walking. A 2 year old will be into everything, exploring, wanting to learn new words and the tantrums start because they find it hard to communicate their needs.Sign language from an early age is good as the child can then show you with hand signals what they need.Less frustration too as they accomplish talking. The safety aspect goes without saying keeping things locked away being more vigilant as they want to climb onto things or toddler off in supermarket. As for bonding they need more time with you as they soak up new information in their little brain.Reading them stories on your knee looking at pictures in magazines pointing out new words of objects.

Putting the tv on and leaving them to it isnt good for long periods of time. Neither is buying your childs friendship in terms of buying items to keep them amused whilst you go off and do other things.This can be a great temptation with christmas around the corner and wanting to spoil your child.Its the love that is genuine when communicating with each other and spending quality doing things together. What you will find happening is a Child can become more naughty just to get you to notice them and for you to set some ground rules.If you find you let your child do what they want kick you spit at you swear at you with unruly behaviour by the time your child is three then it can only get worse.


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