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7 baby nappy rash cure myths

when your baby gets a nappy rash you seem to try everything  to clear it up.

here are 7 myths which don’t work in clearing up a baby’s nappy or diaper rash.

  1. Applying lemon juice to babys bum. This item has acids which in fact makes a nappy rash worse.
  2. using the alcohol rum.
  3. nettle leaves.  
  4. wiping baby’s bum with a wipe soaked in tea leaves.
  5. vinegar again this item contains acid.
  6. coal dust.
  7. yogurt.

here are some tips that do work which I have had experience in using over the past 26 years of working with babies .

  • frequently changing of baby’s nappy.
  • leaving baby without a nappy for as long as possible after a nappy change for example let baby play on a changing mat on the floor with a towel over in case of an accident.
  • Applying creams such as sudocream soothes the soreness, using vaseline/petrolioum jelly acts as a nappy barrier,metanium smells weird and strong but works wonders.For babies with thrush a doctor may prescribe Nystatin can dye clothes the oral medicine too stains clothes just to make you aware.
  • In severe nappy rashes and if baby is on solids avoid giving acid foods which can irritate a rash more such as fresh citrus fruit juices ,tomatoes etc.

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