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grannys overnight stay for newbaby nightmare for mum

a trip to grannys over night stay for new baby here are our top 5 tips so you don’t have panic attacks at the thought of leaving baby again.

  • If baby has a dummy make sure you include it in the bag to take to grandmas.
  • Tell granny the best ways baby likes to sleep or she could have a problem if rocking is the only way baby gets off to sleep easily and you forget to tell her.
  • Don’t keep ringing up every hour it could even distrupt baby if trying to get off to sleep in unfamilar surroundings for the first time.
  • Incude lots of spairs or think about leaving a few to keep there. There is nothing worse than grandma putting baby in shawl because she ran out of  bottoms due to a leaky nappy.
  • include any medicines and notes of last feed etc and times you last gave a dose so everyone knows what time in the next dose, feed etc is.

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