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Michelle Duggar 19 kids and counting awaits Baby Loss

For the last few years Cheeky Chums  Blog have been following Michelle Duggars pregnancies and especially Premature baby Josie born 2 years ago this December. Yesterday sad news was out that she had a miscarriage when in fact during her routine 19 week scan the was baby had died in the womb.Today  Michelle was awaiting the natural delivery of baby so he or she could have a funeral. The family expressed their wishes for the privacy to be kept at this upsetting time of grief.This family have their own TV series so I think the camera crew will have a hard timebacking off . I hope they do as celebrities in the limelight have been known to have their private lives plastered across the newspapers worldwide even at such a devastating time of suffering a miscarriage  or baby loss.The family take a lot of hard knocks as some of the public feel she should stop having babies. Cheeky Chums express our deepest sympathy for the whole Duggar family under such tragic circumstances very close to our heart as a Christian and baby bereavement specialist.


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