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Duggers 19 kids Baby Loss photo in news as public hits back

The Dugger family have had it rough this last 2 years with their premature baby daughter Josie in hospital for weeks and then the sad loss of baby Jubilee Shalom. Cheeky Chums have been following their news as Americas top TV celebrities by having so many children of 19 kids and counting.

Todays news headlines is the outrage it has caused the public to react to the sensitive pictures of Mum Michelle holding baby Jubilees hand after the miscarriage ,which have been posted worldwide.The descreet pictures cause furious viewers to comment not to show them and to stop having more children. What some people don’t understand is the need to acknowledge that for however short any baby did exist if only for a lttle while even in pregnancy. Some babies don’t even get a birth or death certificate so how do you tell a mum that oh it wasn’t a real baby ? not officially until after 24 weeks gestation thats why abortion is legal until 24 weeks gestation. As Michelle Duggars baby was miscarried at 20 weeks  the family needed to collect as many memories as possible.Pictures,hand and footprints a tiny teddy blanket or notes are the only treasures left once baby has been buried to keep the memories real.The once taboo subject of baby loss is now spoken quite openly by parents on social network groups with photos of babies born sleeping and encouraging words. comforting those that have just joined the groups so they too do not feel alone,suicidal or devastated that they cannot go on.

A  new association which offers awareness for poorly babies in the womb  has just been launced with the support from Cheeky Chums called

the B.A.B.I.S BRITISH ASSOCIATION BABIES INVETRO SICK an unincoperated group  it will also will help parents suffering baby loss and miscarriage.more news to follow


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