teenage pregnancy/mums

teenager with young baby does it get easier?





teenager with young baby does it get easier one may wonder!

a newborn baby seems to take a lot of your time up.Changing, Feeding,Cleaning, Sleepless nights,Teething, Weaning, Crawling and poking into cupboards.

The answer is yes and no. As a parent it gets tougher as you have to set examples of a good role model learning a child right from wrong.As baby grows .and gets into toddler stages with temper tantrums,preschool age children start asking questions,push you and your boundries to see if you will give in. Before you know it you either give in at the start, that can lead into a spoilt child with no control or learn to give discipline combined with nurture and love giving stability in which a child thrives on.school age kids tend to a lot more cheeky , give back chat that children tend to pick up from other children .Then the  teenage years the worry the stress as children going into puberty start to apply the pressure of  more Can I have ? Why Am I grounded ? Swearing etc.


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