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having a baby in the recession pregnant and no money

Having a baby in the recession pregnant and no money Tops 9 tips how to manage better.

 Disgusting news this week has been  revealed how 1 in 8 Uk families water down baby milk formula to make it last longer.As the recession take an even bigger hold in this coming year and in other countries too how can you have a baby, mange money better, yet not cut back on your baby’s health and safety.

Here are our top 9 tips. Dos and Don’ts

  1. Search online for martins money-saving weekly tips subscribe if you use the internet or ask a family member if there are any baby items offers.
  2. Write a letter to nappy companies asking for a free sample or check online for money off coupons.
  3. Browse around in advance to get the best prices on prams,bouncy chair etc. then pay cash for a complete set some prams may sell out of a raincover or sun canopy later on and you don’t want to be disappointed that no other fits.
  4. Use all the coupons you get free in the sample packs or cut them out of baby magazines.
  5. Don’t buy a second-hand cot or crib mattress, if you plan to buy second-hand.
  6. Do not buy any electrical equipment from car boot sales such as bottle warmers or baby monitors.
  7. don’t buy carrier bags because you can’t be bothered buy a bag for life ever little counts.
  8. Arrange with the organiser for a swaps day at mother and toddler club ask a mum to bring in any item that their baby didn’t wear (with tags still on and swap for a bigger size etc with another mum.
  9. Use reusable nappies.

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