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Parents in Europe raw deal for a preemie premature baby

Parents in Europe get a raw deal for a preemie baby or premature baby.

I was totally shocked the other day we usually review baby toy or baby safety products and this week as the owner myself of a tiny baby superstore I was totally gobsmacked. 

 I came across some baby’s shops online selling preemie baby or premature baby clothes.I say preemie as far and wide in each country a premature baby is often called a preemie.

What shocked me was in this recession how much parents in Parts of Europe have to pay for baby clothes to fit in tiny baby sizes.

Soft safe fabrics are valuable,Cuteness is important so is quality and for baby basics here is what I found some  baby shops online selling preemie baby clothes

Germany prices

1 pair scratch mittens at 9 Euros,Vest 15 Euros,Top 25 Euros

Spain prices

 18 Euros for a cardigan same as ours ,our price in uk sterling is 5.99, then there was 15 for a baby grow.

pack of 2 leggings same as ours for sale 15 euros ours in uk sterling are 8.50

France Prices

29 Euro for an Incubator vest our  incubator vests are 5.99 and another online retailer in the UK selling premature baby clothes has an incubator vest priced at 12.00 uk sterling.

Its stressful enough finding tiny premature baby clothes but to find expensive ones works out that overall its way too  much money to spend.

To make it easier to have them delivered to your own country we are having a special reduction on postage cost until the end of february. You can shop for less to fill your baby’s  wardrobe overflowing in beautiful preemie baby clothes. Complete baby’s outfits from top to toe with postage by airmail and airsure even cheaper.

for none commercial buys postage will now be 4.99 instead of 9.99 uk sterling  until the  of 1st March 2012. so happy shopping to all mums, dads, grandparents and friends needing premature baby clothes click on any link at the top of the page to see what goodies you can spoil baby with.


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