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teaching kids at home are you allowed?

teaching kids at home are you allowed?

I remember a few years ago someone telling me how their health visitor went beserk because the parent said their children were not going to school We are teaching them. You may not know it, and the health visitor obviously didn’t know the law either, that here in the UK  you are allowed to home educate your children.You do not need to be a qualified teacher to home educate your children.

This month we are looking at home education or otherwise for children 4 years plus. 

today we look at where to start in home education.

  • If you have just a baby and intend to teach at home then you do not even have to register a place at school.
  • If things arent working out at school and your child isn’t learning or being constantly bullied (after dicussing this several times with the teacher to no avail) you can take your child out of school even if the teachers or health visitors advice you not to.Its what do you intend to do to provide in terms of an education otherwise for your youngster or teen when they are no longer attending the school.
  • Every child needs an education that meets their individual learning needs.How will you ensure that your child has a regular education if they leave school teach him/her  your self ?  a friend ? a family member? private school or Christian school?
  • Its only when you take a child out of school that the local education authority will take more of a direct interest because they have been removed from the school.When a child is then taught at home an advisor will come to make sure your childs educational needs are still being met.It doesnt mean you have to follow a national curriculum or a local schools teaching methods but you can arrange a plan of learning centered around your child and what is best for them.
  • How do you start the process of  removing a child from school.

Planning and tips

  1. Do not just go in head first and scream at the teacher.
  2. Plan it around a school holiday break thats approaching so your child doesn’t feel its a punishment leaving half way through a lesson. 
  3. Get a written report of what your child can and cannot do so you have some where to start when the home education or otherwise starts.
  4. write a letter to the school,and local authority letting them know the leaving date. keep a copy of the letter for yourself.




a direct link to help know your rights to home educate can be found here.



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