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what do I need to teach my own kids at home

we are so sorry our blog post has been neglected on our recent topic home education but as a busy business owner customer come first so blogs collect cobwebs well for just a few days that is lol. so back to the subject in hand Home education and teaching your own kids  instead of going to school.

Just to recap here in the UK you can teach your children yourself. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher.Plus if your children are under school age and you havent registered them for a school yet, then you do not have to tell the local authority. Its only when you take kids out of school that it becomes an issue to make sure your child is still receiving a good all round education that meets your child’s individual learning needs.

today we look at resources.

What do you need to get started in teaching your own kids at home..

This is the sad part you don’t get funding from a school or local authority to buy books work sheets etc.Every thing you buy is out of your own pocket. BUT! there are some good deals at educational visitor centres all over the UK that offer cheap rates for groups and home education families.

look on the internet and you will find loads of websites that cater for parents home educating children at home .

Here are some places  to help get you started look for the website Home education Uk — free support

Education otherwise— a website for parents teaching children at home for the first time.

home education —lots of free printables.

Use your local library for internet access and learning, children’s homework and borrowing reference books.use Ebay to buy text books listening cds etc and Join other support groups with local home educating families in your own area swap books meet and greet and its great for children to socialize with other kids too.

 next  blog we look at a typical timetable you can adapt to suit your childrens needs you can download it FREE from our website direct.check back soon for more info.


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