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how to remain incontrol with a premature baby in the Nicu

how to remain incontrol with a premature baby in the Nicu.

For parents with a baby that is very premature there may be long days ahead if baby is looked after in the Nicu. Mum is just getting over the shock of the preterm birth then baby is whisked away to the Nicu. Mum may only see baby hours or days later and the worry and stress in unbelieveable. So many questions, whats going on? hussle and bussle of busy nurses going back and forth. New alarm Sounds,Monitors,buzzers going off as a parent it is like a daze.

Having been preemie parents themselves, Deb Discenza know in depth the

stress of having a baby in the NICU. Both moms felt there was  a void in the preemie parent world and so The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU was developed  

Packed with information, the book provides must-have details in a unique manner along with questions to ask doctors, tips for parents regarding resources and more. “This is the book we would have wanted in the NICU,” notes Discenza, whose 30-weeker stayed in the NICU grab your copy tonight online at





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