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my kids won’t listen IT’S BEDTIME!

my kids won’t listen IT’S BEDTIME!

Been there done that as a child. have you done all sorts just to stay up a little while longer when your parents say bedtime!

Did you do sneaky things just to get a few minutes more downstairs?.

lets look at some of the excuses kids do at bedtime when parents say off to bed, and how in 5 easy steps you can make bedtime easier on yourself when you tell your kids its bedtime.

  • pretend you didnt hear
  • say you are hungry or need a drink.
  • say you haven’t finished as you pretend to clear your empty bowl of cereal.
  • ignore the message and carryone playing.
  • kick up a fuss and squirm on the couch so you end up being dragged up to bed.
  • ask for just one more minute which turns into 10 more.

so to make it easier when tired parents need a break too heres how to make it easier.

  • tire the kids out with some excersise walk,ballet class or sports after tea.
  • bath time with light supper with warm drink to help relax.
  • Dont be tempted into sending kids bed later so they will drop off to sleep easier.children need more sleep than adults.
  • story time a cuddle chat about how the days gone  whilst your child is in bed  they will love the close affection and attention you give them rather than scream bedtime which ends up in an argument.
  • once you say goodnight do not give in as they say “mum”  just to get you to come to the bottom of the stairs.
  • don’t let them come down stairs for just one more hug. its a stalling tactic to stay up longer.
  • rule of thumb forget video games or dvds  at bedtime its doesnt help kids relax, but as the opposite effect.

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